Probate & Estate Administration

Professional and compassionate representation is essential at a complex and emotional time for your family. It is our goal to work closely with your surviving family in order to assist in carrying out your wishes and guide your surviving family through the estate administration process.

Estate Administration

We work with your surviving family and beneficiaries to transfer the assets you have acquired during your lifetime. These services may include the probate of a Will, termination of a Trust, and transfers of assets to surviving joint owners or to named beneficiaries. We will guide your family and beneficiaries through the income, estate, and gift tax issues that occur at death, and we will facilitate the re-titling of assets.

Estate Litigation

If claims or disputes arise, we are prepared to litigate those issues in Court, including Will contests, construction proceedings, or contested accountings.

We take pride in knowing how to handle each estate as efficiently and effectively as possible, regardless of the complexity of your situation. If you are already an estate planning client, then your estate administration will simply be a conclusion to that planning. If you are not, we are happy to assist all clients with their estate administration needs.

We will

  • Guide your family through the legal requirements upon the death of a loved one
  • Resolve disputes and claims arising out of the administration of an estate
  • Help your beneficiaries obtain title to their inherited property or funds