Medicaid Planning

    How can Medicaid Planning help you?

    Medicaid Planning can be extremely important in helping you to protect your hard earned assets.

    Nursing home care is often a tremendous expense. Despite what many people think, your regular health insurance does not pay for long term nursing home care. In New York, there are three primary ways to pay for the enormous cost of long term care: Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, or Medicaid.

    For many, privately paying for long term care is unrealistic. Long term care insurance is a wonderful option, but it is typically very expensive and many individuals don’t qualify due to age or medical reasons.

    Medicaid is a joint federal, state, and county program that covers the cost of long term care for individuals who meet certain income and asset levels. Any amount in excess of the asset limitations must be used to pay for your care prior to being eligible for Medicaid assistance.

    Insulate Your Assets

    The best way to insulate some or all of your assets from the cost of long term care is through Medicaid Planning, using an Asset Protection Trust, or Medicaid Trust, as it is commonly called. The purpose of this type of Trust is to legally remove assets from your control, thereby reducing your resource level. The assets transferred to your Trust are subject to a look-back period of five years. While the Trust is irrevocable, you retain the ability to change the beneficiaries and Trustees in the event that your wishes or needs change.

    It is our goal to help you secure the best possible care while preserving your hard earned assets for your loved ones.

    We will assist your Medicaid Planning by:

    • Protecting your home and your family savings from the expense of long term care
    • Preparing and filing a Community Medicaid application for home care
    • Preparing and filing an Institutional Medicaid application in the event
    • Nursing Home Care is Needed
    • Assist with Medicaid Renewals and Recertification
    • Creating & Funding your Medicaid Trust
    • Assisting with the Pooled Trust