We work with you and your family to preserve, protect, and transfer the valued assets you have acquired. This is accomplished through the use of Wills and Trusts, as well as careful coordinating of asset ownership and beneficiary designations. We provide professional and compassionate planning to help you maximize tax considerations, and utilize existing state and federal laws to accomplish your planning goals. We urge you to consider how you and your family will deal with eldercare issues, including the possible cost of a nursing home or in-home care of a loved one. A Medicaid Trust may be a planning tool you want to consider. It will allow you to retain income as well as use and control of assets, including your home, while at the same time protecting those assets from the cost of nursing home care. It will also avoid probate, thereby reducing the time and cost to transfer those assets to your intended beneficiaries.

We will assist you in

  • Protecting your home and your family savings
  • Preparing a Medicaid application in the event nursing home care is needed
  • We will advise you and your family on essential estate administration and income tax strategies