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The attorneys at the Herzog Law Firm are available to speak at community events, trade shows, continuing education, foundations, other groups, and media appearances. We have experience with groups from 5 to 1,000 people. Please contact us for more information on our speaker services. We have a number of topics available in our legal practice areas.

The events listed below are on Zoom, virtual meeting software and last approximately one hour.

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May Estate Planning Webinars


Monday May 16, 2022
2pm Aging in Place

Most people given the choice want to remain in their homes for the duration of their life. We will discuss actions to consider and resources available to help you remain independent in your home. We will also discuss funding options in detail and how to access and navigate available services.

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Tuesday May 17, 2022
2pm- – How to Plan Your Estate

An estate plan is a roadmap (in reality a set of documents) that outlines what you want to happen to you, your dependents, and your assets (and liabilities) if you are not able to speak for yourself. If you are single, married, and/or have kids, and/or have significant or unusual assets, and/or own part of or all of a business, you most definitely need an estate plan! This class will identify the “must have” documents for your estate plan.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
2pm-What to Do When a Loved One Dies

Confused about who is in charge? Whom to notify? What are the immediate actions to take? Who makes the arrangement and who gets what? Let us make this heartbreaking event easier to manage.

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Thursday May 19, 2022
2pm- Wills vs. Trusts

Learn about Revocable & Irrevocable Trusts, Advance Directives, types of Wills, and how to use them to benefit yourself and your loved ones. Learn about protecting your home and assets and avoiding court & spend downs.

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Friday May 20, 2022
2pm- Medicaid/ Estate Planning Myths

Think you only need a Will or have to spend everything before Medicaid pays for your care? Do you believe the “state” will take all of your assets? Learn the ins and outs of how to qualify and what Medicaid will cover; you will be surprised!

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